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Why PET Plastic Containers are better than Glass

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Why PET Plastic Containers are better than Glass


Why PET Plastic Containers are better than Glass

The world has embraced various ways of packaging from metal materials, glass, rubber, and plastic among others. When comparing glass packaging and PET plastic packaging, some individuals may argue that the former is more eco-friendly. Both of the materials are recyclable. However, plastic has got the upper hand since it can form various products such as carpets, chains among others. This is due to its ability to lose its integrity. Glass can only be recycled into more glass. There are other benefits of PET plastics over the glass as discussed below.


To begin with, glass is heavier than plastic. Products packaged in glass containers will, therefore, require more trips during transportation. The operator handling the manufacturing of these glass containers also tires a lot and will hence require more labor. In the PET bottle manufacturing process, only a few operators are required since the containers have less weight thereby easier to handle with few numbers. The weight of glass containers is also inconvenient for consumers who may wish to carry stuff around.


This might be one of the major disadvantages of using glass containers to package products. It is within the knowledge of many that glass tends to smash easily if it’s accidentally dropped or knocked against other materials. Its surface is also slippery, creating a huge chance of falling and breaking while on transit. On the other hand, stretch blow moulding machine produces plastic containers that are very convenient to handle and very unlikely to break even after fall.


Safety is another reason why pet molding machines are getting popular than glass making machine each day. PET bottles are safer to work with compared to glass containers. Glass breaks easily and can injure one’s skin and to some extent cause life-threatening wounds. The danger is to the workers in the glass manufacturing companies, to operators while packaging products and also to the consumer. Parents at home will prefer PET containers over the glass to ensure the safety of their children while handling packaged products.

Cost of Production

The overall cost of production is one of the biggest pros that PET has over glass. From the extraction of the glass material to production, PET is very cheap. The set-up of pet bottle blow molding machine is also simple and less costly. Therefore, if you want to package your products with budget friendly method, PET is the way to go.

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