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Why PET packaging is Popular in the Food Industry

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Why PET packaging is Popular in the Food Industry


Why PET packaging is Popular in the Food Industry

The ever increasing world population and the rising demand for packaged food products have prompted manufacturers to look for alternative packaging methods that reduces cost as well as create additional value. Use of PET bottles and containers is among the most preferred method in this industry due to its numerous benefits. It offers a cheap and convenient packaging alternative. These are some of the advantages of PET plastic packaging to the food industry:


The making of pet bottles and containers through the process of blow moulding manufacturing allows for customized packaging materials. The manufacturers are able to order containers of varying sizes, shapes and design for different products. Such flexibility enables them to fulfill their customer’s requirements. It also enables them to create brand uniqueness which is crucial for marketing. With a flexible PET stretch blow molding machine, you can design your own mouldings to make a very unique shape for your products.

Light weight

The PET material used for making the packaging containers is exceptionally light. It is therefore very convenient for food packaging since the overall weight is less compared glass and others. It also offers the convenience of easy transportation and less tiresome work while packing. The lightweight containers are a favorite to consumers carrying around food products to work, schools, trips, camping, and other activities.

Less Fragility

Pet stretch blow moulding machine produces containers that are capable of resisting extreme environmental conditions. They cannot degrade easily in either too much heat or cold thereby preserving the integrity of the food products in them. The food is free of from moisture, dust, and oxygen, excess light, and bad odors thus maintaining the freshness of the food. Other than temperatures, these packaging materials are also resistant to external tampering due to their durable nature. Additionally, they don’t break easily hence minimal wastage.


The versatile nature of the stretch blow moulding manufacturing process is incredible. These machines allows to create a variety of containers as long as you have the right moldings. Therefore, you are not limited to one type of container. Therefore, if you make various types of dishes and would like to distinguish them through packages, PET packaging is what you need.  PET is also economical and can be used by both small-scale and large-scale food and beverage producers.  Marketing of the food products is easy since manufacturers can print eye-catching designs that attract consumers.

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