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800-900 BPH Semi Automati PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

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  • 800-900 BPH Semi Automati PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

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    Technical Specifications

    Model HZ-880 HZ-880(S) HZ-880(L)
    Applicable Preform Material PET/PP PET/PP PET/PP
    Bottle Size and Nos of Cavity 0.05-2.0 L(2-cav); 3-6 L(1-cav) 0.05-2.0 L(cavity) 3-6 L(2-cavity)
    Output Capacity 700-1000 BPH 700-1000 BPH 600-800 BPH
    Max Bottle Height 360 mm 360 mm 360
    Max Bottle Diameter 180 mm 180 mm 180
    Max Mould Plate Dimension(LxW) 420×500 mm 320×420 mm 450×620
    Clamping Force 180 KN 120 KN 220 KN
    Power Consumption 12 kw 12 kw 24 kw
    Power Supply 220~380V/50~60 HZ 220~380V/50~60HZ 220~380V/50~60HZ
    Machine Dimension(L x W x H) 1.66×0.74×2.2 M 1.2×0.55×1.9 M 1.7×0.82×2.2 M
    Machine Weight 700kgs (approx) 500 kgs (approx) 900 kgs (approx)
    Preheater Dimension(L x W x H) 1.46×0.71×1.58 M 1.46×0.71×1.58 M 1.77×0.72×1.58 M
    Preheater Weight 300 kgs(approx) 300 kgs (approx) 500 kgs (approx)

    Semi Automati PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

    Output:800-900BPH(Bottles per Hour)

    This semi automatic PET stretch blow molding machine is designed for small scale production of PET bottles, jars and containers. It is best solution for startup and small scale bottle producers for his or her own use or for bottle sales. This bottle making machine can produce a wide variety of bottles ranging from 50ml to 6000ml. Standard PET bottle blowing machine produce bottles from 50ml to 2000ml by using two cavity mold, that means it can produce two bottles at a time, produce bottles above 2000ml to 6000ml by using one cavity mould, that means it manufacture one bottle at a time. However modified PET bottle moulding machine can blow two bottles at a time over 2000ml to 6000ml. Output of 800 to 900 bottles(at 500ml) can be achieved.

    Basically this semi automatic PET blow molding machine includes oven and blower. Air compressor and air filters are auxiliary equipments for your option. This bottle manufacturing machine is built with heavy duty tubular frame, this makes it strong, import electronic parts and pneumatic parts makes it reliable, stable and long life, simple design makes it easy to use, maintain minimize down time, individually controlled heating zone helps you to save power, inbuilt water cooling system prevent preform neck from being overheated, a temperature detector is installed on top of the oven, this detector control the blower at the bottom of the oven, when the temperature in the oven is over high, the blower is on, when the temperature in the oven is low, the blow is off.

    Key steps of how semi automatic PET stretch blow molding machine works 

    PET bottle making process from by loading preforms manually over the mandrels mounted on the carriage, the carriage makes a trip inside the oven, each mandrel rotates so that the preforms are heated evenly, there are six heating zones inside the oven, temperature of each heating zone is controlled and set individually depending on the thickness and height of the preforms. Inbuilt water cooling system cools the neck of the preform to prevent the neck from being overheated, An air extractor mounted at the bottom of the oven is controlled by temperature detector, when the temperature inside the oven is over high, the air extractor starts work to drop the temperature in the oven; when the temperature inside the oven is low to limit, the air extractor is off. Thus to maintain temperature in the heating oven.

    After preforms are being heated, the operator introduces the heated preforms to the the blowing mold, press the two “start” switch. For safety, we install two switches. Stretching, blowing and cooling are programmed in micro processor. The mold closes, the cylindrical stretch rod is introduced into the preform until the stretching rods has contacted a closed end of the preform to stretch the preforms longitudinally, air of two level of pressure is fed inside of the preforms, the preform is blown circumferentially. After a set time for cooling the molds and finished bottles are removed.

    Key Features

    • Constructed with heavy duty tubular frame
    • Key pneumatic parts are original FESTO
    • Electronic parts are made in China, quality is approved.
    • Easy to use with no unique preparation in terms of training
    • Producing a variety of sizes and shapes of bottles by changing tooling
    • Fast and quick change over minimizes down time
    • Modular design for easy maintenance
    • Individually controlled heating zone saves power consumption
    • Inbuilt neck cooling system prevent preform necks from over heating
    • Preform rotation in the oven for even heating
    • Variable speed carriage good for thin and thick preforms
    • Temperature detector controlled air extractor maintains temperature in the oven
    • Stretching, blowing and cooling are programmed in micro processor for easy setting
    • Blow your bottles any time and no need


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