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20 Liter Water Jar Making Machine

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20 Liter Water Jar Making Machine

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Technical Specifications

Model HZ-90
No of Cavity 1
Applicable Preform Material PET/PAMM
Bottle Size 10-25 L
Output Capacity 75-90 BPH
Max Bottle Height 450 mm
Max Bottle Diameter 350 mm
Max Mould Plate Dimension(LxW) 520×600 mm
Max Mould thickness 400 mm
Clamping Force 300 KN
Power Consumption 30 KW
Power Supply 220~380V/50~60 HZ
Machine Dimension(L x W x H) 2.05×0.95×2.14 M
Machine Weight 1500kgs (approx)
Preheater Dimension(L x W x H) 2.65×0.78×1.85
Preheater Weight 500 kgs (approx)

5 Gallon Jar PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine
Output:75BPH(Jars per Hour)

5 gallon jar PET stretch blow molding machine is best solution for you to produce jars for your own water bottling plant use or for selling. it is engineered to manufacture 3 gallon, 5 gallon jars and some big size bottles. You can produce jars any time you need, thus, reducing transportation cost, tightening inventory control and preventing the jars or bottle from getting dirty.

This 5 gallon jar PET blowing machine is constructed with heavy duty tubular frame. Infrared heating oven is fabricated to accomplish uniform heating of wall of preforms, It's also distinguished by its optimal heating effect by the impeccable preform heating system. Stretching, blowing are programmed in microprocessor on the jar blower. The well placed microprocessor controls every step of the machine and sets the time limit for each. The machine is additionally easy to utilize and the operator does not need intensive training.

The working of the 5 gallon jar blow molding machine is as follows

The machine applies an exceptionally basic principle on how it works. The preforms are first loaded to the mandrel which tend to rotate on their own allowing all surfaces of the preform to be heated.  The motor reducer then controls the carriage where the mandrels are mounted, on which the preforms are placed hence the preforms are directed inside the heating oven. The speed of the carriage depends on the thickness of the preform. The thicker the preform, the slower the carriage speed to allow adequate preheating. There are groups of heating lamps inside the oven, each is individually controlled, Each of the heat lamps are put into action depending on the height of the preforms. The taller the preform the more the lamps used. An extract fan mounted on the top of the oven, it is controlled by a temperature detector. When the temperature in the oven is over high, the fan is on automatically to exhaust some hot air, when the temperature is low, the fan is off automatically, thus maintaining the temperature inside the oven for better and even heating of preforms.

An heating device is mounted on the oven platform, which is used to heat the preform inner. Before the preforms are inserted into the mould, the operator takes the heated preforms from mandrel and position on the heating device, the heater moves up inside the preform, after heating, the heating device comes down. Then the operator inserts the preforms into the mold, presses the two close buttons, the mold close, the stretching starts, the stretching rod is driven to the bottom of the preforms by air cylinder to stretch the preform, two level pressure air is fed into the mould, low pressure air for pre-molding and and high pressure for final bottle blowing, the preform is blown circumferentially. After being cooled in the mold, the jar is taken out manually.

  • Heavy duty coated steel tubular frame easy to clear
  • Independently controlled heating lamps helps you to lower power consumption
  • High efficiency infrared heating lamps
  • Rotary mandrel makes preforms are heated evenly
  • Extract fan maintains the temperature inside the oven
  • Variable speed regulation depending on preform thickness
  • Inbuilt neck cooling system prevent preform neck from deshaping
  • Microprocessor controls blow molding process for precision stretch and blowing
  • Reduce transportation cost
  • When shipping empties, you get 2100 bottles in a 20 feet container, compared to 15,000 preforms
  • Tighter inventory control, make your own bottles when you need them, minimizing inventory storage and vendor delivery problems
  • Easy to use, one operator. (approximately 30-40 sec. between emerging heated preforms, to allow operator to blow bottle and return for the next one)
  • Environmentally friendly, PET bottles are easily crushed and recycled

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