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1500BPH Semi Autoamtic PET Blow Molding Machine

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1500BPH Semi Autoamtic PET Blow Molding Machine

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Model HZ-511
Applicable Preform Material PET/PP
Bottle Size and Nos of Cavity 0.05-2.5(4-cavity);3-6(1-cavity)
Output Capacity 1400-2000BPH
Max Bottle Height 360 mm
Max Bottle Diameter 180 mm
Max Mould Plate Dimension(LxW) 420×500 mm
Clamping Force 180 KN
Power Consumption 24 KW
Power Supply 220~380V/50~60 HZ
Machine Dimension(L x W x H) 1.66×0.74×2.2 M
Machine Weight 700kgs (approx)
Preheater Dimension(L x W x H) 1.77×0.72×1.58
Preheater Weight 500 kgs (approx)

Semi Autoamtic PET Blow Molding Machine

Output:1500BPH(Bottles per Hour)

This semi automatic PET stretch blow molding machine comes with one piece of extended(lengthen) oven and two pieces of blow molders. The advanced design and the bleeding edge innovation applied in the manufacturing and assembling help you in many aspects: minimize the footprint to save you valued space, increase output capacity and efficiency, help you to save money. Auxiliary equipments of air compressor and air filters are available for your option, you can use your own or you can get from us.

Help you to save valued space

The heating oven is extended(lengthed) compared with standard oven, there are four groups of infrared heating lamps inside, each heating zone is individually controlled by temperature controller, and carriage is speed adjustable by reducer, the preforms can be heated faster, thus one piece of preform heating oven can work for two pieces of PET bottle blow molders. Also the auxiliary equipments of air compressor will be smaller.

Increase output capacity and efficiency

Each set of PET bottle blowing machine has one piece of heating oven and two pieces of bottle blowers, it is allowed for two operators to blow bottles at same time, output capacity will be double, also the compact design heating oven helps us to reduce heat loss to increase efficiency. We can also produce different size and shape of bottles at same time. One pieces of high pressure air compressor and one piece of low air compressor is enough instead of two pieces of high pressure air compressor.

Help you to save money

The extended oven is enough to match two pieces of blow molders, eliminating that you buy two sets of PET stretch blow moulding machines, this will help you to reduce not only machine cost but also reduce transportation cost. The high efficiency compact heating oven reduces power consumption. Cost of one piece of high pressure air compressor and one piece of low pressure air compressor is less than two pieces of high pressure air compressor, and power consumption is less too.

How the semi automatic PET stretch blow moulding machine works

PET bottle manufacturing process starts from loading the preforms over the mandrel in the oven, the two operators can insert the preforms at same time. The preforms are well positioned on the mandrel, the mandrels and preforms positioned on the them rotates along the heating oven, thus the preforms are heated evenly for better blowing in subsequent step. Each heating zone of the four groups of heating lamps is independently controlled as per the preform thickness and height. Speed of the carriage driven by reducer motor is regulate, Neck cooling is done by the inbuilt water cooling system, Temperature inside the oven is maintained by a sensor detected air extractor. The preforms moves inside the heating tunnel.

The two operators pick the well heated preforms from mandrel, position two or one at a time on the blowing mold, press the two “start” switches, the mould closed, the stretching and blowing starts. Stretching, blowing, mould cooling are programmed in the micro processor. The stretching rod extends to the end of the preform to stretch preforms longitudinally, then pressurized air are fed into the preforms, the pressurized air is two levels of air pressure levels, low level pressure first to inflate the preform, then high

  • Built with heavy duty tubular frame
  • Compact design minimizes occupation of space
  • Key electronic and pneumatic parts are famous brand
  • Easy to use eliminating high train cost
  • A variety of sizes and shape of bottles can be produced by changing mould
  • Advance design and innovation minimizes down time
  • Individually controlled heating zone helps you reduce power consumption
  • Sensor detected air extractor maintains temperature prevents from overheating
  • Two operators can blow bottles at same time increases efficiency
  • Parameter is programmed in micro processor for easy setting
  • Simple design for easy maintaining
  • Blow your bottles any time to save storage space

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